Taxpayers Fund State Department's Liquor Bill

It was reported yesterday [article link] that taxpayers funded a bill for $3,814.00 for Jack Daniels whiskey at the State Department. Furthermore, it was reported that last year the liquor bill was nearly $300,000 to pay for alcoholic beverages. This was about twice as much as the previous year (2008). All this being reported with President Obama urging government agencies to cut wasteful spending. Apparently, Secretary Clinton, who is well known to partake of alcoholic beverages, is ignoring the request of the President. Based on his own spending habits with taxpayer money, it is no wonder she is ignoring him.

I suppose it is a sign of the Obama Administration in that they are careless with taxpayer dollars. There are people across this nation losing their homes, their jobs and are becoming homeless. Yet, our government officials can drink and be merry. It just goes to show how completely out of touch with reality that Democrat elitists have become with the ordinary working family. Sure, this money is recognized as being legal under the law. But, as a small token of appreciation to the American taxpayer, you would think the Clinton State Department would be less inclined to imbibe of alcoholic pleasures while Americans are suffering. Oh, what am I saying? This is Hillary Clinton I'm talking about. This is the Obama Administration I am talking about. Never mind.


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