Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is At It Again!

Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio known for his sweeps of illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and making prisoners wear pink uniforms, is serving notice to inmates they will have to work for the power they consume. I mean that literally. Sheriff Arpaio noticed that many inmates were getting fat. So, he had a customize bicycle [article link] wired to generate electricity. If inmates want to watch TV, they have to have someone get on the bicycle and work for it. So, if inmates want to watch TV for. let's say an hour, someone is going to get on the stationary bike and keep pedaling for that hour. That helps with the county jail power bill and makes for a healthier inmate as well. I see it as a win-win situation. But, I'm sure some organization (ACLU) will deem it as demeaning and an infringement on the rights of the inmates.


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