Second Blog Anniversary

Two years ago today, I made my very first post on this new blog called David's Musings. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to post or how long this would last. I was amazed it lasted a year, quite frankly. But, by a lot of blog standards, two years is downright ancient. For the most part, I have enjoyed blogging. It gives me a chance to do what I really enjoy; writing my thoughts and opinions. In some cases, writing my own opinion has gotten me in hot water with some visitors. I make it a point to respect everyone, even if I completely disagree with them. It seems some people do not share my perspective. Regardless, I did not let a very few ruin this hobby of mine.

I'm met a lot of interesting people on this blog, so to speak. Made some friends and probably some enemies as well. I am now branching out to write for profit sites such as Xomba and Hubpages. I am not sure how that is going to affect my time on this blog. Initially, I don't think it will. But, I probably won't be as active as I once was on this blog. I posted at least once a day the first three months of this blog. Over the course of the next twenty-one months I posted five times a week except due to bad health or surgery. But, this blog is the motivation that got me to writing again.

I still have a novel that I am trying to get published as many followers of this site know. It is in the hands of a literary agent (yes, I vowed I would not work with them in the past). So, we will see what happens next. Before closing out this anniversary post, I must make mention of someone who came here to encourage me when I first started out and make comments when comments weren't cool. That person is Matt of the former blog "Matt-Speak." Matt has not been around since his brother passed away. He had a very popular blog and gave unique perspectives on politics you won't find anywhere else. I miss you Matt. As for blogging itself, I feel that Twitter has really hurt the blogosphere. You can put your entire point in 140 characters in front of a captive audience. I don't think blogging will go away any time soon. But, it would be impractical to not admit blogging was not nearly as popular as it was two years ago. The lack of comments compared to what I used to have is pretty good evidence of that to me. But, never to fear, I will not quit blogging anytime soon. I still enjoy it.


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