Immigration Fight in Arizona

The Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill (senate bill 1070) is a cause for revolution among some of the "professional protesters" bused into the state to create problems. Violent riots broke out among the "legal immigrants" on the Arizona state Capitol grounds. Some protesters smeared refried beans [article link] in the form of a swastika on windows of the capitol building. Meanwhile, back in the civilized world, Governor Jan Brewer said since the federal government has not stopped the steady stream of illegal aliens into Arizona, the state government had to take action. Just two weeks ago an Arizona rancher was murdered [article link] on his own property. Law enforcement authorities tracked the suspect back across the border into Mexico. Governor Brewer says the action was taken to protect Arizona residents from the estimated half-million illegal aliens in the state.

Seriously, I don't know what these people are protesting about. If you are illegal, you have no rights to begin. You should be arrested and charged with a felony. That is the only way illegal immigration is going to stop, along with imprisoning illegal employers here in the United States. Ok, they are worried about racial profiling. So, if a police officer looks and finds someone they think is in the country illegally, should he ignore him because he is hispanic? Facts are facts. The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens in this country are hispanic. To ignore that is to ignore facts. Sure, it is possible that a legal hispanic immigrant could be stopped and asked for papers. If he or she is in the country legally, why should this upset them so much? The alternative is that you can leave if it bothers you that much. But, somehow, I don't see that ever happening. This racial profiling is nothing more than an excuse to stop the arrest of illegals in this country. That's all.

As a side note; I am curious what happens to illegal aliens in Mexico, the very government that is interfering in a domestic issue of a sovereign nation?


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