HubPages: My Review

I joined this ***HubPages Revenue Sharing site about a month ago. At first, I wasn't sure this site was for me. I always thought HubPages was meant for people who had to explain "how to do things." I was wrong about that. On HubPages, you have a lot of topics you can post about. The topics range from sports, to arts&crafts to politics. So, I setup my account, indicated which topics I was interested in writing about. In my case, it was sports, politics, books and writing, technology. If you enjoy writing, this is most certainly the place for you.

I thoroughly and completely enjoy this site. Now, you can make money by way of Google's Adsense ads, Amazon affiliate and Kontera. I can't say I've made any money as yet. This appears to be a slow process. You have noticed I already have Kontera ads on my site now. I joined up with Kontera about a week ago. So, I thought I would make mention of it. What they do is link keywords with a small underline. Back to HubPages...I suggest you give it a try. I didn't think I would like it. I've known about HubPages for about two years. But, never gave it a chance. I suggest you check it out.

***I made this post in April 2010.  Since that time, my opinion of HubPages has completely changed.  I no longer post there, and I can no longer endorse them as a site to enjoy your passion of writing.  They are authoritarian and have an obvious bias toward anyone not towing the left-wing line.  You can forget about making money there.  It is a waste of time.  Just a heads up to everyone. Edited on 11-05-2013.


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