Google to Decide What News You Read

Google CEO and Obama activist (amazing) Eric Schmidt stated yesterday [article link] that Google's machines would decide what news that you, the user, reads in the near future. Mr. Schmidt stated that they would do this based on the user's past reading behavior. Mr. Schmidt further stated this would also help tailor advertisements based on a user's reading habits. The shocker here is that the Google CEO stated that the new initiative will direct "...readers' to a story with an 'opposing' view.

I feel that last sentence above is a bit surprising since Google is well known for its leftist views. Basically, Google will decide what you will read and what advertisements you will see. You get the feeling that Google has suddenly become too big when they decide something such as this. They use the excuse that it will be based on the user's reading behavior. But, isn't that, in and of itself, an invasion of the user's privacy? Maybe, maybe not. I find it alarming that Google will start doing what the left-wing has long advocated; a liberal viewpoint for every conservative view. Progressive ideology is a failure in the media world (Air America) as well as in the economic sense. But, the USA is going to give the socialist experiment one more try, come hell or bankruptcy. Google, like MSNBC, CBS, ABC and Fox News, has suddenly decided that reporting the news isn't enough. They all now want to become the news.


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