Fight Results in Skull Fracture for Six Year Old Boy

It what is absolutely amazing to me, two 6 year old Las Cruces, New Mexico boys [article link] involved in a fight on a school bus, results in one getting a fractured skull. The boy with the fractured skull managed to walk off the school bus. He later complained to his mother that he had "headaches" and didn't feel good. His parents took him to a hospital where he was diagnosed with the skull fracture. The school bus driver did report the incident to the school. Neither boy had their names revealed due to their ages.

Six years old? Sure, I got into fights at school too. I don't remember any when I was in the first grade. But, I don't recall any fight becoming that violent. The boy must have taken a very hard fall on the floor of the school bus for this to happen. That's the only thing that makes sense. It is difficult to imagine two six year old boys becoming violent enough for one to receive a fractured skull. If one had a baseball bat and used it on another kid, I could understand the fractured skull. But, just using their fists, I don't get it. Maybe kids are bigger and stronger at that age now. I don't know. It was all I could do to carry my books at that age. And I never thought about trying to seriously hurt another kid at six years of age. A strange story.


Well, when I was in the second grade in Oklahoma City, OK, I smacked two kids heads together while imitating Superman during recess one day. It was just a stupid stunt, with no malicious intent, however, and I got my rear blistered good by the school principal (at school), my mom (when she picked me up from school) and my dad (when he got home from work). No, it didn't happen again.

yeah, been there and done that. I got into a fight with a boy kept picking on my in junior high. I took about as much as I could take and punched him in the nose. Blood went everywhere. I got paddled, got suspended and the kid that started it all got off scot free. Still burns me up decades later. ;-)

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