Everyone Changes

Facebook is an amazing site. You can catch up on old school friends, former friends from military days and so forth. In fact, I came across a guy from my days in the U.S. Navy I had not seen or heard from in almost forty years. To say the least, he has changed. Well, I suppose I have changed also...maybe a little. ;-) But, this guy was one of those know it alls that you just cringe when you would come across him. He is totally different now. In fact, I hated the guy when we were in the Navy together. We have been catching up on old times.

I also met a former High School friend on Facebook. Steve was a big, strong, tough guy that no one wanted to mess with back in the day. I was a skinny, scared and shy kid. For whatever reason, Steve took a liking to me. We became the best of friends. He even taught me how to defend myself. Like I said, he was a good friend. I wouldn't say he was my best friend. But, he was a good friend I could always count on in High School. Imagine my shock when he sent me a message on Facebook! He lives up in Oregon now, I live in Alabama. He is a retired cop, of all things. I never would have dreamed that in a million years. He is insisting I come up there for vacation this year. I might just do that. I know one thing, I still owe him for almost destroying my Honda motorcycle (he paid for the damages though). Steve is still a pretty big guy. So, maybe I'll just let him buy me a couple of beers instead!


After "feeling" like I should join for well over a year, I finally broke down and joined Facebook around 3 weeks ago, and boy, do I ever feel stupid. For it is nothing like MySpace, and I have also reconnected with schoolmates that I haven't seen in over 30 years. Furthermore, Facebook is as good for promoting a blog as MySpace was bad for such, and since MySpace was horrible, that makes Facebook fantastic!

I totally agree with you about FB. It is AMAZING the people I have caught up with in just six months. These are people I had not even thought about in decades. I tried MySpace and found it lacking. One thing to warn you about, if you are single, you will get a lot "friend invites" from some very attractive women. Don't be fooled. These are Nigerian scammers trying to get the gullible to send HIM money. Just a headsup for you.

Well, my wife is also on Facebook. So, I don't think I will be able to stalk any beautiful women there. (LOL?)

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