Cruise Ship's Sharp Turn Hurts 60 Passengers

In a desperate attempt to avoid hitting [article link] an adrift buoy, Carnival Cruise liner, Ecstasy, made a manuever that injured approximately 60 passengers. Carnival Cruise based out of Miami, Florida, notified the Coast Guard about the partially submerged buoy that was nearly hit by the giant liner. Authorities do not believe any of the injuries were serious. The ship successfully docked at Galveston, Texas, its home base.

We have a Carnival Cruise liner based in Mobile, AL. While I have never been on the liner, we did have an incident last year that I do not believe was ever concluded. At least the FBI has made no mention that their investigation was over. A middle-aged woman with a new grandson went missing on the ship's return back to Mobile. The alarm was sounded early in the morning and the Coast Guard was notified. After a thorough search was made of every inch of the ship, it was concluded that the woman either jumped to her death or was pushed. Her husband was interrogated, but no motive was believed to have been found. No one actually saw her jump from the ship or pushed. After several days of searching, her body was never recovered from the Gulf of Mexico. This is the last update on this incident: click here.


I went on a cruise once, but when I found out that Internet service was $4 a day (acceptable) PLUS 75 cents a minute! Well let's just say my cruising days are over unless that changes for the better, a LOT better.

Warren, my nephew just returned from a Carnival cruise out of New Orleans. He called my sister on his wireless. Cost? $15.65 for three minutes. That was all needed to hear.

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