Arizona Starts Arresting Illegals

Arizona lawmakers passed [article link] what appears to be the toughest illegal alien enforcement legislation in many years. Police in the state of Arizona now have the authority to stop anyone they suspect is in this country illegally. Immigrants Rights groups quickly condemned the legislation. They feel that it is discriminatory against "immigrants." "The objective is to make life miserable for immigrants so that they leave the state," said Chris Newman, general counsel for the Los Angeles-based National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

Well, yes, Mr Newman, that is the whole objective to any anti-crime legislation. It is meant to deter lawbreakers from committing crimes. As much as illegal alien supporters want you to believe they are not violating any law, they most certainly are breaking laws on the books (1986) that are not being enforced. Immigration is a drain on the economy with social services and unemployment among Americans and legal immigrants, the people who knocked on the front door of this country. I don't buy the standard mantra that making them legal and taxing them will make up for the burden they place on social services. They will bring their entire immediate family and they all will be eligible for a nearly bankrupt Social Security program. If you want to see the drain illegals cause, take a good look at California today. Sure, politicians are certainly responsible for that state's problems. But, the illegals in schools and social services have bankrupted that state. We have a front door in this country. Get in line, wait your turn like all the legal immigrants have done.

Most likely, the anti-American illegal alien support groups will file suit against this legislation. But, at least, Arizona is trying to do something to help guard their citizens against the ravages of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, it is too late for Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz [article link].


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