9-1-1 Crash Tax?

Cary Feldman, Chicago Heights, Illinois was driving his scooter when he got hit from behind [article link]. He was just fine and sustained minimal damage to his scooter. He did not call 9-1-1. Someone else called them. Fire trucks, Emergency Rescue truck and police arrive, looked around and then left. Mr. Feldman didn't think anything of it.

Mr. Feldman received a $200 dollar bill for the "services" of the fire and rescue team's arrival. It is called a "crash tax." They did nothing. The accident wasn't his fault and he didn't even call them. Apparently, this is a new tactic by municipalities to gain much needed revenue during this depression, I mean, recession. As Mr. Feldman stated, citizens are already paying taxes for those services. So, how can city and county governments legally do this? Apparently, they do it because they can. That is the answer many are receiving. This is probably going to make people very reluctant to call 9-1-1. What if you hear someone breaking into your back door, you are alone and afraid to go look? Do you call 9-1-1 or hope for the best? If it is the neighbor's dog, you can get docked for at least $200. Mr. Feldman summed it up best; he called it a scam. How can you argue with that when you are already being taxed for that service? In essence, you are being taxed twice for one service.


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