While Xomba may not be new to most, it is new to me. It is another way for people to make money with Adsense. I have not been real keen with Adsense since I feel it is just another way for Google to make money (like they need it). But, the best thing about Xomba is a way to interact with people and to share articles that you like to write about. I have been using some old posts from this blog. I have also posted a couple of stories I wrote on Xomba. Basically, you can post articles that you write (no plagiarism...that will get you banned) and/or interesting bookmarks. It's up to you. I do not believe there is a limit to how many article and bookmarks you can post a day. I could be wrong on that.

As for the money; well, that takes a while according to all I have read. You can use Adsense and Amazon Affiliate program as well. You need to post consistently, i.e. every day if possible. I am going to try it for three months to see if it's worth continuing. I enjoy both writing and money. So, it's a good match for me. If you wish to check this out, click (my referral link) HERE.


Hello David,
My name is Kristen and I am the Online Communications Specialist at Xomba.com.

We are so glad you are enjoying Xomba!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at any time!

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