A Sign of Things to Come?

A report last Saturday [article link] of a UK man, 22 years of age, died of dehydration after calling police, desperately pleading for help. After police arrived, the medical personnel assured the law enforcement authorities everything was under control. The man died the very next day. The man had been largely ignored by medical attendants at the hospital. Police are now investigating for possible manslaughter charges.

Now, no doubt, the healthcare reform zealots will say the same thing happens here in the USA at any general hospital in any city. Granted, those things happen. But, we are being told that socialized medicine [and that's exactly what it is] will provide better care, cheaper (it's subsidized by the American taxpayer) and help lower hospital cost. Just two weeks ago I was personally attacked by one of those left-wing zealots of socialized medicine because "European Healthcare is widely loved." I wonder if Kane Gorny, the 22 year old mentioned above, would agree that European healthcare is superior to healthcare in the USA? Well, he can't do that since he's dead due to European socialized medicine.

I leave you with this thought in regard to Obamacare/socialized medicine; "You always get what you pay for." So, to those that support Obamacare, when your parents, or children or siblings die due to inferior medical care, look in the mirror for blame.


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