RIP Gucci

In 1994, a group of thugs grabbed a 3-month old mixed breed stray dog (about 3 months old at the time) hung him by the neck, tortured and set the dog afire. Outrage swept the entire Mobile (AL) County area. People from around the world called inquiring about his health. At first, Veterinarians didn't give "Gucci" (as he was later named) much of a chance for survival. But, Gucci surprised them all by living almost to his 16th birday. He would have been 16 Saturday if he had lived. Gucci was put to sleep Wednesday [article link].

Apparently, his health had declined in the last couple of years. The decision was made by the owner that he be put to sleep to end his suffering. Gucci suffered enough for ten dogs in his lifetime. Gucci's torture led to the Alabama Legislature passing the Pet Protection Act, known as the Gucci Law, in the dog's honor. I don't remember what happened to the punks that tortured this dog. But, whatever it was, it wasn't enough.


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