Obama: Hawaii Earthquake???

In what will go down as his first real interview [article link] as President, Obama squirmed and twisted every which way under heavy questioning from Fox News Bret Baier. The President said he was not concerned about the procedural maneuvers going on in Congress (or the Constitutionality one would assume). The procedure in question is the Slaughter rule which will be that the Healthcare Reform bill will be assumed to have been voted upon and passed. He reminded me quite a bit of former Congressman Eric Massa when he was on the Glen Beck show a couple of weeks back. Both gave very generalized answers to pointed questions. I expected as much from the moronic former congressman. But, not from the President of the United States. It is safe to say Obama doesn't do well without a teleprompter in front of him.

Probably the biggest blunder during this interview is when President Obama stated that the so-called Louisiana Purchase will help with the earthquake in Hawaii. Huh? I remember a possible tsunami a few weeks back. But, not a damn earthquake. Maybe he meant Haiti. But, as Glen Beck noted, "Haiti isn't one of the 57 states." Imagine if a Republican had made a blunder like that. The NY Times and the rest of the MSM would be having a field day with it. Maybe Obama is trying to catch up with the numerous gaffes of his VP, Joe Biden. He's made so many, it is unfair to name just one. But, on St. Patrick's Day he blessed the mother of Ireland's Prime Minister Brian Cowen. "God rest her soul," Biden said. Fortunately, Mr. Cowen's mother is still alive. Dumb and Dumber?


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