NY Yankees Payroll

According to this article, the New York Yankees have the highest paid players in a team sport in the world. The average salary for the Yankees is about $7 million dollars a year. Just think about that for a moment. Forget the guys that have to play every day. What about the guys sitting in the bullpen or chewing tobacco on the bench? Those guys are making about $7 mill sitting on their butt! Where do I sign up???

Seriously, I understand the Yankees, being one of the richest teams in sports, are able to do this. I guess it all comes back to my remembering when $1 million/yearly was astronomical. That was a salary reserved for only the best players. Free Agency opened this whole salary escalation thing up with Curt Flood filing suit and winning. Then the whole can of worms was opened up. I don't think Curt Flood ever made the big bucks after he won his lawsuit. He seems to be the forgotten man among Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, et al. Eventually, salaries will reach a tipping point where the product on the field doesn't justify the money. We aren't there yet. BTW, I am a lifelong NY Yankees fan. So, this isn't a bash the Yankees post.


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