HealthCare Reform: Bribes, Threats and Payoffs

When the Fox News correspondent interviewed President Obama, he presented a question to the President from one of the thousands of emails Fox News received. The question was simply, "If this Healthcare Reform Package is so good for us, why do you have to bribe people to support it?" As expected, Obama dodged and weaved in order to not directly answer that question. Indeed, if this package is so good for Americans, why couldn't it be passed simply on it's "merits" alone? It couldn't because of the huge amount of taxes people are about to see take place in the very near future. I would have asked him why he threatened Democrats with not campaigning for them (actually, given his poll numbers, not many Democrats want him near their campaign) if they vote NO on healthcare reform. With Obama, you are either with us, or you are the "enemy."

As I type this, Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan has caved in to President Obama over the abortion issue. So far, the rumor being floated is that Stupak was "promised" an executive order by the President that no federal funds would be used to support abortion. I think it's pretty clear that Rep. Stupak got a bit more than that. I expect to see brand new four lane highways in the future for Michigan's 1st congressional district. To those that have whined and cried for the federal government to take care of them (because you obviously can't do it yourself), I hope you are happy now. Just remember the old adage, "Be careful of what you wish for..."


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