Glenn Beck: Meltdown Tuesday

Like many people, I was interested in hearing what former NY Congressman Eric Massa had to say on the Glenn Beck Show this past Tuesday. I won't rehash all the reasons leading up to his resignation and accusations. You can find out about that by clicking HERE. It wasn't so much that I believed all his accusations of White House intimidation to vote for Healthcare Reform. I saw nothing new in that, especially from a White House that uses bribes to get people to vote their way. I wanted to see if the far right of the Republican Party had their long sought after "silver bullet" to kill off the Healthcare Vampire.

What I saw on the GB Show was a deeply disturbed man (Massa, I mean. ;->). He is a married man who lived in a townhouse with several staff members who are bachelors. Now, you may ask, what is a married man doing living with bachelors. He said it was because he couldn't afford a house for him and his family in D.C. I don't know what Congressional pay is today. But, I suspect if others can afford it, he should have been able to also. What I saw was a man trying to explain away sexual overtures to male staff members (with his wife on the scene at the GB Show), a man who stated he was simply engaged in horseplay with these male members at a NY Eve party. And it all got taken out of context. He said he was forced out of office by the White House on a radio show Sunday. Then, on Tuesday, denied he was forced out and said he forced himself out. Throughout the entire program he spoke in generalities and never got into any specifics at all. So, one has to think...why did he decide to resign now? He's known about his cancer for a while. Why leave now if the White House did not force him out (as he now says he forced himself out)? On the Larry King show, King asked him point blank if he was gay. He stated he would not answer that question because it was insulting to gays. Whatever. I thought that spoke volumes.

I think the Glenn Beck Show may have jumped the shark Tuesday. Beck had been warned not to bring Massa on his show by many conservatives such as Bill Kristol and Michelle Malkin. Beck, in his zeal to get that "silver bullet," may have done enormous damage to his credibility with conservatives. He looks more today like a media tool, the very thing he rails against on his show all the time.


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