Thoughts on the Health Care Reform Summit

I watched about two hours of that monstrosity. I wasn't expecting any earth shattering agreements. I wasn't even expecting any bipartisanship either. What I did expect was to see people of good will, who are elected representatives, try to accept what they agree on and go from there. All I saw was "talk" of what they agree on and then focus for the vast majority of the time on what they disagree upon. In short, nothing was accomplished. As many predicted, this was more of a photo op for the president. President Obama wanted to make an appearance of trying to reach across the aisle to the minority party. He made that attempt look good. But, whenever Republicans would try to bring up Republican talking points, he would dismiss them in his role of the moderator. The disparity in time allowed (about 2:1 in favor of Dems) proved to me that talk of trying to accomplish something at this summit was nothing more than a ruse.

Neither party has any intention of backing down from their agenda. So, now, we will go to reconciliation aka nuclear option. This will be forcing healthcare down the throats of the American people where the latest poll demonstrates only 25% support. If the Democrats do this, they will commit political suicide. Surely, they realize this. If the Republicans don't attempt to join in with the Democrats, to pass some type of healthcare reform that will do something about insurance companies monopolistic excesses, they too will face the wrath of the public. If ever a third party would have a chance to gain a political foundation, it would be now.

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I can see why the Cynic prfers to go nameless.
If a different group were to try to go about health care reform, one that is not surrounded by admitted socialist's and communist's, and those that follow Marx and Che, and any of the other murderous controling people they admire, then maybe they would have some credibility.
Obama left the summit and said he had a plan, always got a plan.
There is no trust left for the current administration, and none is deserved


It's the same story with progressives. They come up with big ideas and think that it will magically pay for itself. It never does. Tax the hell out of the American worker and make HIM pay for their grandiose ideas. Thanks for coming by.

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