Things I Miss

I was just thinking this past weekend of some of the things I enjoyed as a kid. Some things, the younger generation wouldn't have a clue as to what I'm talking about. Here are a few I miss.

The Mom and Pop Drive-ins. Grandma always said if you find a drive-in that puts their hamburgers in white wrapping paper, it is a good hamburger. Of course, that wasn't always the case. But, these old drive-ins had the best tasting food. I guess maybe it wasn't processed food like you get at the major fastfood restaurant chains today. But, I miss those places. Very few, if any, left today.

6 ounce bottles of coke. Back in the day, you could put in your dime and pull out a small 6 ounce coke out of a machine that had them encased in ice water. I've seen some at Cracker Barrel. But, those cokes were real cokes. They burned your throat on the way down the way a coke is supposed to.

Full service gas stations.
I remember when my father would pull up into a gas station, a gas attendant would run out to ask how much gas you want, ask if you want him to check under the hood and have him bring the oil dip stick to my father to inspect. Also, when you came up to the filling station, the "ding-ding, ding-ding" alarm would go off. I miss the gas wars, the glasses, dining-ware and other stuff you could accumulate based on the amount of gas you bought.

S&H Green Stamps. Speaking of gas stations, I miss the S&H green stamps that the gas attendant would give you, again, based on the amount of gas you bought. My very first baseball glove was bought by my grandma at a S&H Green stamp store. I don't think they took cash to buy stuff. It was based on how many books of green stamps you had to purchase.

Paperboys. Yes, there was a time when kids 12 years old or even younger would throw your morning newspaper in the bushes for you. The newspapers forced the kids to collect the money from the subscribers. That sometimes caused problems. Now, you pay in advance. Of course, there will be a day soon when I say I miss my morning newspaper. They are all slowly dying.

Cartoon Saturday. For the longest time, cartoons started about 7AM on Saturday morning, and went on to around noon. Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, to name just a few were the order of the day. Now, it's rare to find any cartoon on Saturday morning networks like CBS, NBC and ABC.

Drug stores with a soda fountain.
The best ice cream sundays, floats and hamburgers could be found at the drug store's soda fountain. Damn...I'm making myself hungry. I better stop now.

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I remember most of those. I just found out the other day that my 17 year old son has never seen an episode of Gilligan's Island. This has been bothering me now ever since. I keep asking him to please watch at least one but so far he isn't all that interested. He does tell me that he is the anomaly since most of his friends have seen an episode or two.

Jen, I can't say that I blame your son. Gilligan's Island is one that I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing again. But, let the Andy Griffith show come on...and I am THERE. Thanks for stopping by.

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