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I've made mention of my new blog, "David's Short Stories" in posts in the past few weeks. I am nearing the end of my second story, "The Insurrection." This story revolves around a boy who is bullied, beaten and harassed by the town bully, a grown 32 year old man named Luther Thompson. It takes place in the Mississippi delta town called "Ruleville." Luther is a despicable human being who takes delight in the suffering he inflicts on others around him, including his tenants, co-workers at the local mill and especially small boys who he views as a threat to him. Finally, two small boys decide they can take Luther no longer. And, they lead an "insurrection" against him. I hope you'll come by and take a look.

I'm still in the process of trying to get my novel, "Diary: Alone on Earth" published. I have decided against self-publishing at this time. The idea that most self-published novels sell less than a 100 copies was enough for me to forgo that idea right now. I have entered my novel into a contest with Amazon.com. They take the first 5000 entries in two categories, general fiction and juvenile fiction. They then take 1000 from each category and go from there. I'll give updates on how this is progressing. I'll keep plugging away to try and get Diary published. But, I find what one writer told me after I completed my story, to be prophetic; "Completing the novel was the easy part. Now, here comes the hard part (getting published)." How very true that statement was as I discovered.

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Best wishes on your novel. I wish you all the best with the contest on Amazon. I figure it this way; self-publishing may limit you, but if you win the Amazon contest, you only need to sell 25,000 for best-seller status :)

I am intrigued and will keep following for updates :)

Best of luck!

JL, thanks for the best wishes. Well, me and 4,999 other people have a chance at winning. So, those odds aren't the best. But, there is a chance. So, I will keep plugging away. I will provide updates to this blog on what is happening in the Amazon contest as I receive them from the Amazon people. Thanks for stopping by.

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