Golds Gym Treadmill

I mentioned on this blog I purchased a Golds Gym Trainer 550 Treadmill last September. I have had two previous treadmills, one was a Nordictrack, the last one was a Weslo brand. I never had trouble out of either one of those two previous treadmills. I worked them to death. But, each provided at least five years trouble free service before finally dying.

My Golds Gym treadmill went out on me after just four months of steady use. I mean, it completely died on me. I really, really wish I would have noticed that the warranty was for only 90 days. My previous two were for six months and one year respectively. The people at Golds Gym informed me I would have to pay to have a treadmill technician (honestly, I didn't even know they existed) to repair the treadmill since I was outside the warranty period. Cost? $149.00 plus taxes, plus another $55.00 if a part was needed. In short, I could easily pay another $200.00 for a treadmill that cost me $570.00. I admit I should have not bought a treadmill with only a 90 day warranty. That is my fault. But, I expected to get more use than just 4 months out of a new treadmill.

My advice; if you are looking for a new treadmill, stay far, far away from any treadmill from Golds Gym. In fact, my advice is to stay completely away from any of their products.


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