February Events in My Life

The month of February always has special significance to me. February 2nd is Ground Hog Day. I will always think of that movie on that day. February 3rd is the wedding anniversary of my parents. If they both were still alive, they would have been married 62 years! Wow...that's hard to imagine. February 14th needs no explanation. Valentines Day was always a day of special importance at school. You found out who liked you (girls, of course). Sadly, it was also a day for those boys and girls who were considered outcasts. February 14th was a bitter experience for them. February 17th is a day that will always live in infamy for me. It was on February 17, 1972, I was "volunteered" for duty in Vietnam. February 22nd is a birthday for two of my cousins. No, they are not twins. They are separated by 3 years, I believe.

February 23, 1973 is a day I was involved in a motorcycle accident in Naples, Italy. Strangely, I was not severely injured. But, the motorcycle wasn't so lucky. I totaled that bike and I had for only 3 weeks. It was a brand new Triumph 650cc. February 27, 1970 is the day I left Pensacola, FL for three years of Navy duty in Naples, Italy (except for six months in Vietnam). Of course, we don't have Leap Year this year, but February 29th is special for at least two old friends I know. They claim they are only 14 years old since they were born on that day. Oh, almost forgot...February is the 2nd month of the year! What happened to January?


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