A Couple of Things Regarding This Blog

After about a one year absence, I have started dropping on Entrecard, once again. Why did I quit? A couple of reasons. One, I was heavily involved in my blog-novel, "Dairy: Alone on Earth." Secondly, I just got tired of it. I not only had to drop for this blog, but for Diary as well. I deleted Entrecard from my "Diary" blog since they deleted me from their system. The reason given to me was because there had been no new entries in a year. No, I didn't even bother to let them know it was a completed blog-novel. I made a lot of friends by dropping EntreCard. One of them that appears to be gone is Matt of "Matt-Speak." I truly enjoyed his blog. Matt lost a brother about this time last year. His blog is now no more. Miss you, Matt.

Also, you will see I brought back the followers widget. It was causing my blog to load very slowly last year. So, I deleted it. I am going to try it again. You will also notice I have brought back the "Shoutbox" after an absence of six months or more. I got tired of the spam, the profanity and vulgar messages. I now have more control over this Shoutbox. I can ban entire IP addresses with this. So, feel free to either comment on a post or in the Shoutbox. I'm going to try this thing one more time. I have misgivings about going through this headache again. But, I enjoyed about 98% of the interaction with visitors who didn't feel like commenting on a post. We'll see how things go this time.


Hi David! I am glad to see you dropping your cards again and updating this blog, too.

I didn't know Matt lost a family member. Many of the great bloggers just got tired of dropping EC's. I am sticking around for a while longer because of great friends I have met here.

LAINY of Lainy's Musings

Lainy, Great to see you back! Yes, Matt lost a brother last February I believe. He was a truly great blogger and all around nice guy. Really miss him. Thanks for coming back by.

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