A Couple of Political Thoughts

Bipartisanship. That word means different things to different people. President Obama says it means he has to come around to all of what the Republicans want, while the Republicans do not give up anything. Republicans feel the reverse is true about him. So, why have a summit (Feb. 25) on a healthcare bill that is not going to be passed in the first place? Why even discuss a bill that his own party could not pass with a super vote majority? The reason, of course, is to score points against the Republican Party. He felt he did so well portraying the GOP as the "Party of No" at the Republican retreat, that having a summit on healthcare would give him the opportunity to continue to hammer at this opening. And, this guy wants bipartisanship while he continues attacks on the GOP??? This President puts Bill Clinton to shame when it comes to political maneuvering. I thought President Clinton was the best in the business. But, I have to hand it to Obama; he is all about politics. He thinks a televised opportunity where he can continue to bash Republicans will help him with the much sought after healthcare victory. He doesn't even know what is in the healthcare bill, which puts him on an even keel with everybody else in D.C. It is apparent the President just wants a victory, regardless of the consequences to the American people.

Where is Al Gore?
When it came out that emails were hacked to discover that Global Warming numbers were skewed to reflect what the Global Warming alarmists believed, Al Gore took a low profile. Since that story first broke out, more and more scientists have spoken out that Al Gore and his lemmings are out to lunch on this theory. So, Al Gore has sunk into oblivion even more. Now, with the historic snow storms on the eastern seaboard, of the USA, no where can you find the proponents of this scam. Is the earth warming? Maybe. But, you wouldn't know it based on how this story has taken a backseat in the news. Al Gore, like so many of the Global Warming alarmists, has made big money on this scam, while the lemmings are the people walking around with cold mud on their faces. What will we hear next from these idiots? Why, Global Cooling, of course! Oh wait...they already did that back in the sixties. Never mind.

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