While Waiting on the GAME....

...between Texas and Alabama, as I type this on Thursday afteroon, I realize I haven't made a post about my beloved beagle, Ralph in quite some time. Ralph will be 1 year old this April. He is doing well, chewing on everything he can get his teeth connected to and barks at any stray squirrel that dares to come onto his property. He gave me a scare about two months ago when he got sick. The doctor said he had the flu. Gosh, I didn't even think about dogs getting the flu. Of course, I asked if it was the seasonal kind and, of course, it was. It took him about 2 weeks to recover from that. But, he is back to his old rambunctious self now. I still take him for walks in the park, let him run around the park now that I am confident he won't run away from me. I have even taught Ralph to run and catch a Frisbee, if you can believe that. This is something he never tires of doing. But, I do get tired. So, when I take him inside the house, he starts barking at the back door wanting to go out and play again. Sometimes I give in to him. But, most times I do not.

Anyway, just trying to settle my nerves waiting on this game by talking about Ralph. I couldn't remember the last time I even made a post about my little buddy. Again, he is doing well, growing up and having a blast with his life.


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