Treadmill Problem

I bought a new Golds Gym Treadmill last September through Walmart Online. It had proven to be the best treadmill I had ever owned due to the numerous bells and whistles it had. At least, that is what I thought until yesterday. As those of you who are familiar with treadmills, it has a function to decline and incline the treadmill. This is to make the workout even more beneficial for you. Well, I was going through my program, just as I normally do. After about 15 minutes of walking at 3.2 MPH, it will suddenly incline. Unfortunately, it inclined to the maximum and is stuck. Also, now the display will not work. It is still under warranty. But, there is no definite date when they can send someone out to repair it.

All this with my problem of gaining weight in the past six months. I'm just going to have to walk around the neighborhood multiple times for my daily workout. I was just getting into the groove of my daily workout with this treadmill. Hopefully, this will be a simple fix and I can continue my exercise routine.


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