Tragedy in Haiti

A terrible tragedy in Haiti [article link] after a 7.0 earthquake almost completely devastated this impoverished nation Tuesday. Officials fear 100,000 may have lost their lives in this devastation. Other officials glumly predict the death toll as high as 500,000. Government buildings, hospitals, churches and basically whatever infrastructure Haiti had is gone now. Even prisons have collapsed with desperate criminals roaming the countryside. Even the president of Haiti was trapped alive inside the presidential palace.

President Obama has pledged to give unwavering support to the Haitian people in their hour of need. But, this tragedy is going to take the efforts of more than just one superpower. It will take the combined efforts of Europe and South American nations to help out in any way possible. There is little food, water and virtually no electricity anywhere in Haiti. Donations to Haiti are ongoing and will continue for weeks, months, perhaps, even years to come. The tragedy is that severe.

If you wish to make a donation of any type to the Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Relief, please click HERE.


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