State of the Union

Many political pundits were predicting President Obama would move to the center, in his State of the Union speech [article link], after the Massachusetts Miracle. It was thought he would see the handwriting on the wall, that people were turning away from his far left-wing agenda. That is what they thought before the speech Wednesday night. Today, many are stunned into silence. Not only is the president going to continue with his left-wing agenda (healthcare reform, cap and trade, energy bill due to "climate change"), he stated, "I'm not a quitter." Basically, he threw down the gauntlet to those Republicans and even some Democrats who oppose him. President Obama came across as he always does; aloof and condescending. People don't agree with him because he hasn't explained it well enough, according to the President. Never mind that people see what his agenda is for this nation and don't like it. If Massachusetts didn't prove that to him, nothing will.

I have to admit I certainly thought Obama was smart enough to realize that there is a populist movement against his out of control spending. His federal spending freeze is nothing more than just tossing a bone to the wolves in elephant clothing. Even President Clinton saw that the tide was against him after the 1994 mid-term elections. He swung to the right and saved his presidency. President Obama simply can't do that. He is convinced he is correct and the millions of people rising up against his agenda...are completely wrong. President Obama has failed to understand recent history in Virginia, New Jersey and in Massachusetts. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, Mr. President. And, it appears, he is about to learn how correct that quote truly is in the months and years to come.


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