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I haven't said much about my new blog, "David's Short Stories." I just recently finished my first story there, "Grandpa and the Fireflies." I am about to start a new story called "The Insurrection." This story will be about a young boy and his mother who live in a small delta town in MIssissippi. The landlord, Mr. Luther Thompson, is a tyrant and is brutal toward both the mother and son. Both mother and son have no one else in the world to help them as the struggle to make a living in the 1950s Jim Crow era Mississippi. I plan on starting this story sometime this week, most likely on Wednesday. I hope you'll take a look see at my new blog.

This is far different from my blog-novel, "Diary: Alone on Earth" which proved to be so popular with people. As yet, it is not popular with literary agents or publishers. But, I struggle onward. These short stories will not be supernatural in content for the most part. I like writing about the deep south of long ago. If nothing else, writing these stories provide an outlet for me to sharpen my literary skills. I hope you'll come by and visit my new blog at "David's Short Stories."


I really did enjoy your other story , I will have to check these New ones out.

Auntie E, I appreciate you coming by my new blog.

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