Melbourne Information Centre

The Melbourne Information Centre web site is a well developed site to help both business and tourist travelers wishing to visit the city of Melbourne, Australia. Now, I realize some or even most of you may not have any plans right now to visit the "Land down under." However, if Sidney is not your cup of tea, you might consider Australia's second largest city of Melbourne. The Melbourne Information Centre web site primarily designed to help travelers coming to the city of Melbourne. But, if you will notice to the left of the site, there are links to help you if you wish to visit the "Gold Coast," Queensland, and Brisbane just to name a few.

There is nothing confusing for those wishing to book hotel accommodations in Melbourne. It is the typical drop down menus for date, number of people, etc. One should not have a problem finding a fine hotel room within boomerang toss of Melbourne. Plus, you can find places to go on the Melbourne Information Centre web site, a community calendar so you can partake in local events, and transportation so you can go out on your own in Melbourne. The site is nothing fancy. In fact, it is rather simplistic. But, if you are looking for hotel accommodations, you really shouldn't be interested in web site design anyway. All in all, the Melbourne Information Centre is well laid out. It offers business and tourist travelers all the information they can possibly need.


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