Massachusetts Miracle

I'm not sure what more I can say about Scott Brown's amazing miracle [article link] over MA Attorney General Martha Coakley. In the past week, Brown was said to be surging. But, consider in MA Republicans make up only about 12% of the registered voters! There had to be at least 20-25% Democrats voting for Scott Brown in order for him to win by a 52% to 47% margin in this bluest of blue states. Independents voted for Brown by almost a two-thirds margin. Those were the same independents who voted overwhelmingly for President Obama, who has been humbled by this cataclysmic event in MA. A lot of people say this was a repudiation of the health care bill of the President or Obamacare, if you will. I think it goes much further than that. It is American voters who are sick and tired of politicians of BOTH parties not listening to us.

So, what does this mean to Obamacare? It means they will have to scale back even more than they want in order to pass a health care package that can get past the House and Senate. It may be so small a bill that the only thing it entails is allowing insurance companies to compete in every state now (something Republicans have long advocated will bring down premium prices). It is a mortal blow to President Obama's agenda. But, it is not a fatal blow. If President Obama does as President Clinton did in 1994, in moving from center to right, he can still have a successful presidency. But, I simply do not believe Obama will do that. He is beholden to special left-wing interest groups. That is his core constituency. I would like to think the President will modify his views to reflect, at least, the message sent to him from the Massachusetts Miracle. But, he will not. His arrogance, his elitism will spell his downfall.


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