Last Saturday morning, I took my beagle, Ralph, for his walk. We do a walk that circles the neighborhood. The walk is about two miles and we have to cross just one busy road. As we were preparing to cross this busy road Saturday morning, I noticed a stray white dog trying to cross also. He seemed friendly and it appeared he wanted to join up with us for our walk. Unfortunately, the small white dog did not pay attention to the eastbound traffic. A speeding (speed limit is 35MPH) Dodge Charger hit this stray dog. I was mortified. Even more disgusting, the driver just swerved over into the westbound lane and kept going. I shouted at the SOB to stop. Either he didn't hear me or just didn't care. I suspect it was the latter. I got his license plate number and memorized it.

Ralph and I ran to the little white dog. He was in obviously agony. But, you know what? He still managed to wag his tail at us. I had to fight back the tears on seeing that. A kindly woman did stop and asked if it was my dog. I told her no, and then she offered to take him to her brother's office who is a veterinarian. We were both reluctant to pick him up. But, not knowing what else to do, we did just that. He screamed but did not try to bite us. We arrived at her brother's office in less than five minutes. Vet attendants came and took him out of the car, and back to the examination room. Ralph and I stayed in the waiting room. Ralph was very nervous. He seemed worried about the little dog. He had good reason to. The lady who stopped to help, came back and told us the the little white dog had a broken back, along with internal injuries. There was nothing her brother could do but put him to sleep. Her brother refused to take any money.

I hope the owner of the black Dodge Charger had a good weekend, the bastard. The very least he could have done was stop. It is a city ordinance that if you hit an animal, you must stop and render assistance. He did not even slow down. The police have his license plate and car description. This time it was a little small stray dog that was run over. Next time, it could very well be a child.


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