Heartless: Update!

Yesterday, I made a post about a man in a black Dodge Charger that ran over a stray, white dog while Ralph (my beagle) and I went for our customary morning walk last Saturday. I received a phone call from a police detective that they had caught the man who ran over the little white dog. As it turns out, a citation for killing that dog and leaving the scene was the least of his problems. He had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support. He also had another warrant for failure to appear in court. He is in the county jail as I type this up.

No, his capture won't bring back the stray little dog who wanted join us for a morning walk. In fact, the citation will probably be dropped due to the more serious charges. But, thanks to that little white dog (and my amazing ability to instantly remember license plate numbers), a deadbeat dad is in jail today. And, a brand new Dodge Charger (the one he drove that killed the dog) is in the hands of his ex-wife now. It just goes to show, there is justice in this world after all.


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