Health Care Reform: The End?

The monstrosity known as Health Care Reform or, more affectionately, Obamacare, appears to be on life support now. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted yesterday [article link] that she did not have the votes in the House to ok the Senate version of the Health Care Reform package passed in the Senate on Christmas Eve of last year. There now appears little hope that the massive overhaul of the health care system will take place. Most likely, it will be changed incrementally as many Republicans and even some Democrats have long advocated. For example, insurance companies not accepting people with pre-existing conditions will not be tolerated if this issue is tackled first. Then perhaps all insurance companies can compete for customers by crossing state lines to offer low premiums. Competition will bring down premiums. I know that sounds too simplistic to the left-wingers. They want the government to completely take over the health care system. The people in MA. saw what the government was up to and voted for #41. End of story.

The health care monster aka Obamacare can still rear its ugly head. But, for all intents and purposes, it is on its death bed today. If there is reform, it will be done by scrapping the 2000 page behemoth that is being worked on now. Then just start over and bring about change in a manner that the American people can tolerate and understand.


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