Danish Cartoonist Assassination Attempt

A Somali man attempted to kill [article link] the Danish cartoonist who did a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed back in 2005. It was the sketch of Mohammed, with a bomb in his turban, which caused international outrage among Muslim followers, otherwise known as "the religion of peace." The Somali intruder broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard with an axe and a knife. Westergaard called police and the police shot and seriously wounded the Somali intruder. He has been charged with attempted murder. Strangely, the terrorist denied he was trying to kill Westergaard. I suppose he just want to wake up Mr. Westergaard and show him his brand new axe and knife. Yeah, that must be it.

Danish police do believe this Somali has ties with al Qaeda. This is the second al Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack since Christmas Day. It appears al Qaeda is trying to once again prove it is still a viable force. Strangely, very few, if any, "moderate" Muslim groups come out in defiance of al Qaeda and other Muslim fundamentalist extremists. Gee, I wonder why? It seems Muslims are always outraged over some perceived slight. Their solution is to kill any infidel who dares to even vaguely insult Islam. Yet, it appears Christianity is fair game in regard to insults, put downs or any other derogatory element. Muslims are intolerant of any other religion. Regardless of what the Koran says, they consider any unbeliever as someone who must either submit to Islam or lose their head (literally). How can one respect people with such a violent nature? Perhaps we should consult the widow of Daniel Pearl on this subject.


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