Bitterly Cold Weather on Gulf Coast

Well, it's bitterly cold weather for us, anyway. People on the gulf coast just aren't used to this kind of cold weather. I mean, we just don't get temperatures down into the 20s. If we do, it's for, perhaps, a day or two. But, according to weather forecasts, we'll be dipping into the 20s and on into the teens this week. That just doesn't happen here. Single digits are almost unheard of in this area. But, there is a possibility that could happen if this cold wave continues. As you read this blog post, it was supposed to get down to 22 degrees in Mobile, AL. In fact, there is also the possibility of snow in the forecast if (and that is a very big "if") the cold weather continues. The high yesterday was 40 degrees. Normally, that is the low we get during the winter. But, not this year. I'm so glad AlGore has warned us about global warming (or is it climate change now?).

I noticed people are wrapping pipes, faucets and bringing in plants as I drove to eat lunch yesterday. Again, this is not something we normally do during the winter because our winters are so mild. We usually get about 4-6 weeks of what we consider "winter weather" in this area. I realize people north of the Mason-Dixon line probably will laugh about my complaining about the cold weather. 22 degrees is probably like a heat wave up there right now. Seriously, I don't know how you folks tolerate the bitterly cold weather and snow for months. A week of temperatures in the 20s is enough for me. But, I have noticed as I grow older, I can tolerate cold weather better than I can hot weather. That is strange since I have lived in the hot climates of the gulf coast most of my life. But, I have no intention of moving up north to endure the snow storms. Of course, we have our own brand of storms starting June 1, here on the gulf coast.


Hey David, It's wven butt cold here in South Florida-Treasure Coast. 20...30...somethings. If we started calling weather "it's AlGored, out today", would it be COLD, or WARM? Let's start passing that question around, I think I'll take a poll. Good blogging to ya'

My hands are so cold I can't even type, wven...

Don, hard to believe it's that cold down in South Florida. The orange groves must be devastated, right? Wow....this is a bad winter so far. Yeah, AlGore is a worthless POS and should be investigated for perpetrating this whole global warming scam. But, he never will. Thanks for coming by, Don.

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