Terroism Rears Its Ugly Head...Again

As everyone must know by now, Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was the scene of a terrorist plot [article link] as the flight attempted to land in Detroit. If not for the heroic efforts of the passengers aboard, this could have been a catastrophe. Umar Farouk Abdul of Nigeria, tried to light the explosive device in an attempt to kill, at least, all of the 278 aboard Flight 253. Abdul's father had notified U.S. authorities that his son had become involved with al-Qa'ida. Abdul was on a "watch list" of possible terrorists. Yet, he was not on a "no fly" list.

I don't understand how it was that someone on a watch list for terrorism is not placed on a no fly list. Maybe they didn't have enough proof. But, the idea he is on the watch list should be enough in this day and time. U.S. authorities are going to have to explain this to the American public. If Abdul had tried to explode that device in the bathroom, it would have been disaster for Flight 253. As it was, that flight and the 278 passengers were greatly blessed to have some aboard who fought back in the tradition of Flight 93 of 911. How different things are today. Prior to 911, flight crew and passengers were taught to cooperate with hijackers or terrorists. Today, crew and passengers immediately fight back!


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