Senator Lieberman Resists

I've got to give credit where credit is due. Senator Joe Lieberman is standing up to the Democratic blitzkrieg [article link] to ram a healtcare bill estimated anywhere from $1-2 trillion dollars down the throats of the American people. The preposterous idea of allowing people at age 55 to buy in to Medicare defies all logic or reason. Medicare will be paying out more money than they are taking in sometime in the next decade. Then, Medicare will go broke. Adding millions more to Medicare will hasten its demise. Sen. Lieberman apparently can see this happening. Why can't people like Sen. (soon to be former Senator) Harry Reid see this as well? He can see this will devastate Medicare. But, like so many in the Democratic Party, he doesn't give a damn. The end justifies the means to these fiscally irresponsible people. Sure, "W" started it. But, now, The Anointed One and his lemmings have taken fiscal irresponsiblity to a whole new level. This country has never seen out of control spending like this in it's entire history.

Now, I know there are those who are going to say it is selfish of the Republicans and moderates like Sen. Joe Lieberman not wanting to support healthcare for all (yes, including illegal aliens). But, it is far, far more selfish to burden our grandchildren and great-grandchildren with a debt that will cripple them in the years to come. This is both selfish and immoral. It is immoral to take benefits from senior citizens in Medicare after they have paid into it all their lives. It is immoral to ration their healthcare. Despite what the Democrats say, that is exactly what will happen under Obamacare.


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