"Seedy Chicago Politics"

"Seedy Chicago Politics" is how South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (a man who is despised by anti-illegal advocates) described [article link] the senate's version of socialized medicine passed early Monday morning. Bribes to several so-called "moderate Democrats" to get their votes is one example of what Sen. Graham was referring to. Senator Landrieu of Louisiana got over $300 million dollars for her state and was so proud of that fact, she corrected someone when they said it was $100 million. Is this the "change we can believe in" that alleged President Obama referred to in his campaign? It not only is politics as usual, it is politics more than usual. The Obama cult members, of course, see nothing wrong with this. They will follow him into hell itself if necessary. But, many sensible people are seeing President Obama for what he is and what Rep. Joe Wilson said; he is a liar.

I know a lot of people are happy about this healthcare bill being passed. The pimp on the street doesn't have to pay for the healthcare of his hookers now. They guy working 40 hours a week with a mortgage with a wife and two kids are going to support him now. And, if illegals can't afford the insurance on the new exchange, that same poor sap will fund illegals to get American taxpayer money. There is no way the Obama cult members can deny that. Change we can believe in? Sure, there is change. It is change to a Chicago style politics we have not seen in the White House before. Those that voted for "hope and change" better hope you have some loose change left to pay for health insurance now. Or you'll be going to prison, courtesy of the federal government.


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