SEC Championship Game

Being an Alabama fan, it just doesn't get any better than Bama beating Florida for the SEC football championship last Saturday. It had been 10 long years since Alabama won the Southeastern Conference Championship in football. QB Tebow and Florida were 5 point favorites going into the game. As it turned out, it wasn't much of a game. Alabama took the opening kickoff and drove down the field. Bama scored and never looked back. It was a very satisfying win for Bama fans everywhere. Now, we look forward to playing Texas for the BCS Championship. If you are a Bama fan, this pure nirvana.

Tim Tebow is not only one of the very best college players of all time, he is probably one of the best college QBs of all time also. He is a very dedicated Christian and does mission work in the Philippines. By all accounts, Tebow is a good person with high moral standards. And, while I have also criticized his behavior of showboating, and playing to the crowd, it is often forgotten how young he is. Sure, he plays to the cameras, and is a glory hound. Point taken. But, he will grow out of this, I'm sure. And it is not his fault all the media hype is surrounding him. Sure, he enjoys it. Hell, who wouldn't? And, although I am thrilled with Bama clobbering Tebow and the Gators, I could not help but feel a tinge of sympathy for him as he cried toward the end of the game. Tim Tebow has endured the highs of being an athlete. He needs to realize there are lows as an athlete as well. I wish him the best in his life. Now, on to Pasadena and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!


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