The Politics of Fear

It seems the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party will go to any lengths to get this so-called "Heathcare Reform Bill" shoved down the throats of the American people. This includes fear mongering from the Chief Executive, alleged President Obama. It wasn't that long ago he stated that the stimulus bill needed to pass to keep unemployment from reaching the 8% level. We are now at 10% unemployment with the stimulus bill and the threat of another. We all are in agreement that healthcare costs must be brought down to a manageable level. However, the approach by the Democrats (or, at least, rumored since no one knows what is in the bill) is to throw trillions of taxpayer money at the problem and hope it sticks. President Obama [article link] has stated the federal government will go broke if this healthcare bill is not passed. That is patently absurd. How can he say something like this without giving anything to back up this kind of statement? He stated that our insurance premiums will go up. News flash...they are going up anyway if this healthcare bill is passed. The insurance companies have already stated this would happen even without the public option.

It would be nice to report something along the lines of the president saying, "We need healthcare reform because so few people can afford adequate coverage. This bill will do just that since it requires everyone to buy health insurance...or else." At least he would be honest for a change. This president, despite his words in this article, doesn't give a damn about the deficit. Neither does the Democratic or Republican parties. All of them want to protect their own little turf. The Republicans are not fooling me. Most, if not all, would support this bill were it not for the polls showing more and more Americans turning against it. But, the Democrats are pulling a kamikaze attack on the American people anyway with their insistence this bill be passed. Like Pearl Harbor, the day this bill is passed (and it will) will be a "Day that will live in infamy" for the Democratic Party.


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