On the Road - Addendum

As reported yesterday, I'm on the road this week. I can post to my blog thanks to my trusty laptop and wifi at the motel. I'm looking forward to getting back home this weekend. But, got to do what I got to do first.

It appears that one of my "things" yesterday came true. I let my car tires get too thin with tread. I got pulled over by a local cop yesterday. I knew I wasn't speeding. But, he told me that he noticed the tread on my tires as we were both at a traffic light. He did the old Lincoln head routine and, of course, my tires were "dangerously thin on tread" to use his nomenclature. So, I went around this strange city yesterday looking for a good deal on tires. I had hoped I could wait until I got back home. But, it's either get the tires or pay the ticket and then get the tires. I have had cops pull me over for many different things over the years. But, this is the first time I've ever been ticketed for my tires.

So, after calling around, I got a pretty good deal on some tires at Firestone. That was the easy part. The hard part was going back to the police station and getting the ticket torn up. The issuing officer said he would tear up the ticket if I got the tires within 48 hours of the ticket time. I did it in less than 6 hours. Only problem, the ticketing officer was off work for the next two days. So, what to do? These local cops got the idea that they couldn't tear up the ticket. Which, to me, was total BS. Luckily, as I was about to head out the door, a Police Sargent took pity on me. He went outside with me, inspected my new tires and took care of the ticket. At least, I hope he did.


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