My Personal 2009 Recap

We are at New Year's Eve for 2009. So, I thought I would give a recap of events surrounding me this year.

1. Discovered the back surgery I had in July 2008 did not work as well as my doctor thought it would. That is no surprise to me personally. Doctor said from looks of MRI, I may need another surgery to relieve pressure of a disc on a sciatic nerve. I told him I would have to be out of my mind before I let him do that to me again.

2. I had two near terrible accidents this year. One, when a semi on the interstate decided to move over into my lane. I had to off to the curb and almost into a ditch. Two, a drunk driver went through a red light, narrowly missing me. Unfortunately, he broadsided the guy behind me.

3. My X began making overtures about "getting back together" in June. I told her there was a better chance of President Obama becoming as conservative as Rush Limbaugh than us getting back together.

4. Finished my novel, "Diary: Alone on Earth" in June of this year. Thus far, no luck in getting a publishing house to publish it. Can't even get a literary agent to give me the time of day. But, I won't quit. I'll keep plugging away in hopes someone, somewhere will take the time to read my novel. I'm just not going the way of self-publishing.

5. I've given up hope of ever finding "Mrs. Right." Oh, don't feel sorry for me. It happens. Not everyone is fortunate to find their one true love in this world. Since I accepted that this year, I feel more at ease about it.

6. I've started doing more computer maintenance work this year. Sometimes, I have more work than I can handle. I have considered hiring a young kid to train and possibly help out. It's not that simple. That's all I'll say about that.

7. I've gained about half of the 40lbs I lost prior to this year. I don't know what happened. I don't eat that much. I exercise twice a day on the treadmill with 30lbs of weights. I will let you guess what my New Year's Resolution will be now.

8. In October, I gained another great-niece. She is beautiful, of course. By this time next year, she will be walking everywhere.

9. I considered selling my 1995 Nissan truck 3 times and backed out 3 times as well. I had 2 buyers and decided at the last minute to not sell. I know it's an inanimate object. But, it's almost like an old friend to me now.

10. This year, I discovered that when I start feeling about myself, there is always someone else who has worse problems. I thank God for what I have in this life. And, strangely enough, I thank God for what I do not have as well. Maybe God just thinks I don't need what I pray for each night. Or maybe He thinks I can't handle what I pray for each night. Regardless, after watching so many people lose their homes, their savings and their jobs, I know there is someone who is always much less fortunate than I. But, for the grace of God, there go I.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.


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