Drunk on the Senate Floor

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) was giving the Republicans hell on the Senate floor prior to the Christmas vacation last week. Nothing unusual about that. Republicans have been catching hell about the healthcare boondoggle all year. But, what was surreal about Sen. Baucus is that he decided to celebrate Christmas [video link] a bit too early. To put it bluntly, he was drunk as hell! Slurred speech, stuttering, losing his balance a couple of times, I am curious why the Senate Majority leader did not have Baucus escorted from those hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate. Oh wait...The Senate Majority leader is Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. Never mind on that. I just answered my own question.

It's bad enough we had Republicans engaged in sex scandals a few years ago. They got voted out of office. Now, in a round about way, the equally disgusting Democrats are taking their place. These are the people who keep telling us this healthcare bill is "good" for us. These are the people who tell us to "trust them," they know what is best for us. I'm sure there have been numerous occasions when both Republicans and Democrats have been loaded when they took to the Senate floor to give a speech. But, on a debate as important as this healthcare bill, you would think they would at least be sober. I suspect once all the details come out about this healthcare bill, it will be the American public staggering around drunk so they can try to forget they voted for these idiots.


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