2009 Hurricane Season Ends

For once, the National Hurricane Center got it right. They stated this would be a mild hurricane season and they were right on the mark. In years past, they have stated dire predictions about the season, only to be proven completely off the mark. The only "hurricane" to hit the U.S. coast was Hurricane Ida as it came ashore in Mobile, AL. Ida was a moderate tropical storm by the time it came ashore. And, it was a November hurricane at that. Those are usually very mild by the time they make it to the U.S.

With the end of the 2009 hurricane season yesterday [article link], I think a lot of people are thankful for a brief respite from the normal viciousness of the hurricane season. 2005 will long be remembered on the gulf coast. We are thankful that Hurricane Ida did not form two months prior or things could have been very bad indeed. We are thankful for the El Nino conditions that caused this to be a mild season. But, we are mindful things change from season to season. I don't know what the 2010 season holds for us. Hopefully, it will be another season as mild as 2009. But, I'm not willing to bet any money on that.


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