Tiger Woods

A lot has been said about Tiger Woods car accident of last Friday. Initially, I was like most people; an unfortunate accident. But, the one thing that made me curious was that the police stated there could be charges made. The police had already stated that alcohol was not a mitigating factor in the accident. And, Tiger Woods had promised to meet with police Saturday. Then that was changed to Sunday. Now, he is lawyered up.

There are rumors that his wife [article link] is the one that caused his injuries by beating him with one of his drivers he uses so well in golf. I find that hard to believe. But, the question begs, what was he doing out at 2:30AM? And how do you run into a fire hydrant, then slam into your neighbor's tree? Unless he has some medical condition he has never disclosed, it fails to make sense how all this took place. Tiger Woods did make a statement yesterday [article link]. But, his statement was very general and was something he could have made two days ago. It's strange. I don't see this going away anytime soon. There is more to this story. But, unless laws were broken (and there are no indications thus far), then we may never know what exactly happened. It could just as he has stated; an unfortunate car accident. Somehow, I really doubt that.


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