Spam Attack

This blog will be 2 years old next April. In the 17 months since this blog started, I've had little in the way of spam comments. Oh, I'd get the rare one. But, I'd quickly delete it. It's for this reason I rarely ever used "comment moderation." Comment moderation allows a visitor to leave a comment. However, it is not posted until reviewed by the owner of the blog. It really is a good feature that Blogger has and I never thought I would have to use it until this week.

It seems over the course of the past five days this blog has come under a "spam attack" of epic proportions. Most of the spam have been on blog posts about a year old. They obviously think I wouldn't find it. Whenever someone leaves a comment on this blog, I am emailed by blogger. So, the spammers are not really smart. The spam for the past few days has been the usual crap, viagra, penis enlargement, make $10,000 in 3 days, etc. I'm not positive why this blog has come under a spam attack. I have an idea why. But, I'm going to keep that to myself for right now. For the foreseeable future, I must keep comment moderation on to stop the spam.


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