Repost of Thanksgiving Post

I posted this last year. It was a prayer my mother said to us all. I hope you enjoy it on this Thanksgiving Day.


Thanksgiving Day Prayer

As I have stated on several occasions, my mother was a devout Christian woman. She was not “religious” as some people would characterize her. She was devoted to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Religion was something she didn’t care for or understood. Mama always had a Thanksgiving Day Prayer that she said each day. I found a copy in her bible yesterday morning. On this Thanksgiving Day, I thought I would share it. I hope it brings someone comfort.

Blessed Heavenly Father, praise be thy name. Lord, I thank you for hearing this humble prayer from someone not worthy of your attention. I give thanks unto you Dear Lord for bringing my loving children here today to enjoy this feast provided by your grace unto us. I give thanks unto you Lord for bringing both my sons through the fire of the shadow of death at least once in their lives. I give thanks unto you Lord for giving me two fine daughters whom I dearly love and find such pride. We know not what the year in front us holds. We only know that you cared for us and nurtured us during this past year. We thank you for this day we all live in a country that affords us the standard of living that we enjoy today. We pray those less fortunate will be loved and comforted by You. Thank you Lord for the love and understanding thoughout this year as we attempt to walk the path set forth by your beloved Son so many years ago. Though we may fail, Lord, we never stop trying to live up to His example. We give thanks to You for Him, our Lord Jesus Christ. For without Him, there would not be love, hope and happiness in our lives. Thank you Lord, we love you Lord. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

It was that same prayer every year with slight variations. When my youngest sister, Nancy, died, it was one of the hardest Thanksgiving dinners we ever had. But, Mama still managed this humble prayer. She still gave thanks to God for allowing us to love and share his child for 25 years. And, I give thanks to God for allowing me to have a mother like her. I was very fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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