Obama Bows Again

In an never ending series of events embarrassing the USA, President Obama has bowed to yet another monarch. This time it was to Japan's Emperor Akihito. When does this nonsense end? Never in history has an American president bowed to a foreign leader. I don't know who is in charge of the U.S. Protocol Office. But, whoever she or he is, they need to be fired. It's evident the Anointed One doesn't have a clue he is representing the most powerful nation on earth and its citizens. Please don't give me this bleeding heart liberal BS about Obama showing respect to an elderly royalty. He did the same thing to a Saudi Prince. Only that time, it was denied by the White House. No denying it this time. He is an embarrassment to our entire country. Of course, the Obama cult members will now say he is just trying to "undo the mistakes of the Bush Administration." Always an excuse for this man. Is there any doubt it is amateur hour at the White House these days? What a bunch of idiots.


I came here following a link you left elsewhere about a writing program.

I saw the pic of Obama bowing to the emperor and vaguely remembered hearing about a convention that American presidents don't bow.

However, I found Obama's action refreshing, especially given the Japanese cultural habit of bowing to everyone.

I agree with you about the Saudis.

Michael, I have no idea what writing program you are referring to. I may have left a link in regard to my online blog-novel, Diary: Alone on Earth.

The Secretary of State bowing to the Japanese Emperor would be one thing. But, the President of the United States? That just doesn't happen. Other heads of state have not bowed to the Emperor. Why should our President do so? There is no way that can be justified in my opinion.

Oh jeez, you too?

Eisenhower, after being a 5-star U.S. Army General, President of the USA bowed to (drum please....)

Charles De Gaulle, President of France.

You can look up the tape of Nixon, bowing the Japanese Emporer Hito who was in power during WWII and the bombing of Pearl Habor.

How does America become so obsessed with such INCONSEQUENTIAL nonsense?

I'm sure the color of Obama's tie, or what he had for breakfast is next.

Your friendly nemesis,


Juli, I am astonished. You are now saying if it is ok for Richard Nixon to bow, then it must be ok for The Messiah to do likewise? I knew about Nixon, but not Eisenhower.

I guess that is but one difference in Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are so wrapped up in their own little world, they couldn't care less how such protocol can be demeaning in the eyes of the world. I'm sure the Israelis took great delight in his bowing to the Saudi prince. If any nation should fear Obama, it is Israel. If there is any people that should fear Obama, it is people who pay taxes in this country.

Obama is viewed as being weak. As we discovered in Ft. Hood last week, that can be a very dangerous thing. I guaran damn tee Al Qaeda is making note of this "President."

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Your friendly, Tax Paying, Patriotic American friend,


Astonished? Really? I don't even get your point. Are you saying it is ok for Nixon, and not ok for Obama?

And it's ok for Nixon...when the Japenese Emporer was the same guy who bombed Pearl Habor? REALLY? REALLY AND TRULY?????

But oh, god...America loses stregth if Obama is versed in Japanese customs and bows. By golly, he should've scratched his balls and spit like a pro-wrestler!

Those North Koreans might attack us now!

Btw, he has a name. It's just rude to call him the Messiah. Why do you do that? Does throwing low blows feel good to you?

Bush held hand with the Saudi crown prince, and dam nearly kissed the Saudi king on the lips is some kiss exchange - that was protocol.

What's up with the double standard?

Yeah...all those billions of dollars we spend on military might, bombs, and guns, and war ships, fighter jets, tanks. That's not the deterrant. It's the fact that our Presidents shouldn't bow!


p.s. too bad about the spammers. what a hassle.

I thought my point was obvious. You are comparing Nixon to the Messiah (sorry, if Democrats like yourself can call Bush "Shrub"...you get the picture). That is what astonished me. In other words, if it is ok for Nixon to do it, then it is ok for Obama to do likewise? Astonishing.

You are missing the entire point. In the U.S. Navy (which I served during the Vietnam War), we never dipped our flag to another vessel. Never. We would lower the ensign flag in salute as an alternative. There are alternatives to every custom that Japan or, let's say, England also. For example, is it customary for the First Lady of the USA to pat the Queen of England on the back? A bit nit picky, I agree. But, if you really want to start talking about customs, we can continue down this road.

I won't address the rest of your commentary since you were being sarcastic. But, as for Nixon...do you really want to compare the Anointed One to him? Really? I guess my entire point focuses on one thing; Obama simply doesn't understand he respresents 300 million people of a country with a long and proud tradition. I am not even sure if he fully grasps the magnitude of the office of the President of the USA. Any president that would take a position on a local law enforcement problem (the police acted stupidly) does not have a clue.

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